Sapthagiri LLB Movie Review

Sapthagiri LLB Movie Review

Young actor and comedian Sapthagiri has been testing his luck for the second time with the film Sapthagiri LLB. The movie released all over today and Kashish Vohra played the female lead. Sapthagiri LLB is the remake of Bollywood blockbuster Jolly LLB. Here is the complete review of the film.


Sapthagiri LLB is the story of Sapthagiri (Sapthagiri), an advocate by profession. After struggling for living, he moves to the city to make it big. It is during this time, he finds a case that is handled by the country’s top lawyer Raj Paul (Sai Kumar). He files a PIL about the case and re-opens it. The rest of Sapthagiri LLB is all about how Sapthagiri proves his mettle and emerges as a winner. Watch Sapthagiri LLB to know about the rest.


The first half of Sapthagiri LLB doesn’t bother about the plot and is occupied with unwanted stuff. The audience get bored because of the narration and by the time, the film loses interest, the real plot unfolds. The songs have been decent and the interval episode look impressive. On the whole, the first half of Sapthagiri LLB makes no impact.

The second half of Sapthagiri LLB fails to make much impact except the interesting court episodes. The songs are huge barriers in the second half and it picks up back during the pre-climax. The narration lacks interest and the climax ends on a predictable note. On the whole, the second half of Sapthagiri LLB has been impressive at parts but fails to stand strong.


Sapthagiri looks decent, impressive and performed with utmost ease throughout the film. He has been exceptional in the court episodes and his comic timing has been top notch. Kashish Vohra looks good on screen but had no scope to perform. Shiva Prasad and Sai Kumar have been decent in their assignments and they did it with perfection. All the other actors have been decent in their assignments.

The story of Sapthagiri LLB has nothing interesting. The movie has been adopted from Bollywood movie Jolly LLB. The screenplay lacks interesting and the dialogues have been decent. The music was just ok but the background score elevated the film well. The cinematography is the major highlight of he movie and the production values have been good. The director fails in adopting the film from the original.


Sapthagiri LLB is a huge disappoint from Sapthagiri if one excludes his outstanding performance. The court scenes and the performances are the only saviours.

Rating: 2.5/5

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