Mahesh invests a bomb in AMB Cinemas

Mahesh invests a bomb in AMB Cinemas

AMB Cinemas has been in news after Superstar Mahesh Babu invested a part in the posh and lavish multiplex. Mahesh Babu and Asian Cinemas joined hands for AMB Cinemas which has been inaugurated by Superstar Krishna. The lavish multiplex has been open for public from last evening and it has seven screens. AMB Cinemas is said to be made on a huge budget of Rs 80 crores.

Mahesh will have 20% share in the chain and several corporates are said to have invested in AMB Cinemas. The interiors have been specially designed by renowned architect Eranna Yekbote. One of the screens has Barco’s Laser Flagship Projector and couple of screens will thrill the audience in Dolby Atmos. AMB Cinemas is one of the finest theatre experience for Hyderabad film lovers for sure.

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