RGV hints of clashing with NTR – Mahanayakudu

RGV hints of clashing with NTR - Mahanayakudu

Ram Gopal Varma who tasted no success in the recent times is busy with Lakshmi’s NTR which narrated the controversial part from NTR’s life from the view of Lakshmi Parvathi. He took his twitter to make some sensational comments on NTR – Mahanayakudu and he hinted of releasing Lakshmi’s NTR on the same day along with NTR – Mahanayakudu. Here are his comments:

“Main theatrical trailer of #LakshmisNTR will release on a date depending upon when #Mahanayakudu release date will be announced only because of technical psychological and much above all emotional reasons. Release date of #LakshmisNTR trailer will be announced the moment when release date of #Mahanayakudu is announced and this only because NTR from heaven instructed me to do so.

NTR from heaven warned me to release the trailer of #LakshmisNTR within exactly 24 minutes of the official announcement of the release date of #Mahanayakudu. The very fact that NTR did not bless his own son’s #Kathanayakudu is proof that he will only and only bless his wife’s #LakshmisNTR and the proof of that will be the clash between the releases of #Mahanayakudu and #LakshmisNTR .. May NTR Bless”.

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