Renu Desai’s request for Pawan’s Fans

Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai

Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai is back into the town as she turned the judge for the television show Nethone Dance which is aired on Star MAA. Renu Desai interacted with couple of leading media channels which created a stir across Pawan’s fans. During her interaction, she has been asked about Pawan Kalyan and if she is ready to get married again. She revealed that she has been falling sick frequently and wishes to have a partner. Renu Desai praised Pawan Kalyan for his social view and wish to support the people and the poor. However it did not go well with some of Pawan’s fans after which she issued the below statement:

“In yesterdays post I have no where mentioned the word FAN of my ex husband… Media and some people are making this about me against Kalyan Garu’s fans. Nenu chala clear gaa rasanu, ee post naa personal issue gurinche kadhu. This is a social thought I have shared as a citizen of this country. I request all of you to take the issue of women freedom, education, health seriousl! Mee andaraki amma, akka, chelli unnaru…Idhi naa kosam kadhu, vallu kosam cheyyandi…give them a secure and protected feeling to study, work and have their own emotional freedom. And I sincerely request media channels to use their power of television reach positively instead of just creating drama and misunderstandings! I request all men to come together for your own family members who are women! Thank you”.


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