Ravi Babu’s Aaviri Movie Review


Talented actor and director Ravi Babu after a while is back with Aaviri which is a horror drama. Ravi Babu, Neha Chauhan, Sri Muktha Bharani ,Shankar Mukhtar Khan played the lead roles in the film. Vaidhy is the music composer and Ravi Babu’s Flying Frog Entertainment bankrolled the movie. Top producer Dil Raju is distributing the film all over. Here is the complete review of Aaviri that released today:


Aaviri is the story of Rajkumar Rao (Ravi Babu) who leads a simple and pleasant life with his family in a lavish bungalow. One sad day, one of his daughters dies of asthma and the other daughter gets attacked by an evil. She starts speaking to the spirit which leaves Rajkumar Rao in deep shock. The rest of Aaviri is all about the mystery, the invisible spirit and the real story that haunts the family of Rajkumar Rao. Watch the film to know about the rest.


Introduction Episodes
VFX work
Couple of twists


Poor plot
Screenplay and Direction
Flat second half
Bad execution


Ravi Babu who manages to wrap up his films with limited roles repeated the same with Aaviri. He plays the lead role as Rajkumar Rao and he did a decent job in the film. Neha Chauhan, Bharani Shankar, Mukhtar Khan have been decent in their roles. The small girl did a decent job and her expressions have been top class. Priya Vadlamani has a decent role and she did her part well. All the other actors had limited roles and will not be remembered.

Aaviri is a film that lacks an interesting plot. The screenplay and dialogues are a huge misfire and they don’t excite the audience. The background score sounds impressive and the cinematography work is decent. The production values are quite restricted and Aaviri is made on a strict budget. Ravi Babu seems to be completely out of track and Aaviri is one more disappointment.


Aaviri is one more disappointment coming from Ravi Babu and the film lacks an interesting plot and execution. Give it a skip.

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