Nag and Trivikram: All is not Well


King Nagarjuna is now back with the sequel of Manmadhudu which is Manmadhudu 2. The film is inspired from a French flick. During the pre-release event of Manmadhudu 2, Nag invited and lauded Vijay Bhaskar, the director of Manmadhudu but he did not utter a word about the writer of the film Trivikram who is a star director now. Even during the promotions of Manmadhudu 2, when asked about Trivikram, Nag skipped the questions and preferred not to respond about Trivikram.

The real reason is that Nag in the past approached Trivikram to direct a film for him featuring Akhil in the lead role. Trivikram ignored the proposal of Nag and never responded about this. Hence, Nag decided to stay away from Trivikram and preferred not to respond about him. Rahul Ravindran directed Manmadhudu 2 and the film is hitting the screens tomorrow.

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