Kalyanram’s 118 Movie Review

Kalyanram's 118 Movie Review

Nandamuri Kalyanram is all sset to test his luck with 118, a high voltage racy action thriller that is directed by KV Guhan. Nivetha Thomas and Shalini Pandey are the heroines in this action drama. 118 is made on a decent budget and is hitting the screens today. East Coast Productions produced the film and Shekar Chandra is the music director. Here is the complete review of the film:


Gowtham (Kalyanram Nandamuri) is a tv journalist and he captures some videos when he is out for a trip. He gets haunted by a dream that disturbs him. He is in neck deep love with Megha (Shalini Pandey) which is his only relief. The dreams disturb him badly after which Gowtham starts hunting for the truth. In this process, he comes to know about Aadhya (Nivetha Thomas) and the rest of 118 is all about the real truth that Gowtham unfolds from her story. Watch 118 to know about the complete story.


Racy first half
Crisp runtime
Technical Values
Interesting concept


Second half
Limited appeal
Confusing screenplay


Nandamuri Kalyanram is a treat to watch and he is back with a bang with 118. He excels in the role of Gowtham and he looks ultra stylish throughout the film. Kalyanram looks lean and stunning enough as Gowtham. Nivetha Thomas has a meaty role assigned and she delivers out her best in the role. Shalini Pandey has a decent role and she is good and energetic enough as Megha. All the other actors performed well and contributed well for the film.

118 is a film that is based on Lucid dreaming theme. The screenplay and dialogues are ok. The second half of the film should have been better. The music, background score and cinematography work stands out in the film. The production values and the editing work makes the film good. KV Guhan has been decent as a director and his cinematography work looks loud.


Kalyanram’s 118 looks decent and will appeal to multiplex audience big time. The second half should have been much better.


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