Jeevitha brings back MAA Controversy to Limelight


There have been big disturbances going on between the members of Movie Artistes Association (MAA) from the past couple of years. The issues got doubled after the new committee got elected. Recently, Rajasekhar made some sensational comments before the industry biggies during the dairy launch of MAA. Rajasekhar soon submitted his resignation after he was disappointed. From the past one month, there were no updates and happenings in MAA. The office is left locked from one month.

Today, Jeevitha Rajasekhar, a key member of MAA Committee approached the Disciplinary Action Committee to take action on the President Naresh. She along with 15 other members signed the nine-page letter which was sent to the disciplinary action committee. MAA Controversy is back to light once again and several meetings have been conducted in MAA office today. Hope the issue gets resolved soon.

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