Guna 369 Movie Review


Young actor Karthikeya made an impressive debut with RX100. His second outing Hippi bombed badly at the box-office and Karthikeya pinned all his hopes on Guna 369, a mass entertainer directed by Arjun Jandhyala. Anagha is the female lead and Anil, Praveen Kadiyala bankrolled Guna 369. The trailer received a decent response and the film released across the globe today. Here is the complete review of Guna 369:


Guna 369 is the story of Guna (Karthikeya), a youngster and a BTech student. He loves to help everyone in his colony. One fine day, he falls in love with Geetha (Anagha) and she too falls for him. It is during this time, Guna lands into troubles while helping his friend. Guna will be sent to jail in a murder case and things alter after this incident. The rest of the film is all about how Guna crosses all the hurdles and returns back to his normal life. Watch Guna 369 to know about the rest.


Karthikeya and his performance
Action drama
Interesting twists


Routine and predictable narration
Poor Love track
Dragged second half


Karthikeya lives up the expectations as a lover boy and as an angry youngster in the film. He performed to the core as Guna and is one of the major highlights of the film. Anagha has a crucial role and she lived up to the expectations as Geetha. She looks matured and performed well. Naresh shines in a small role as a father. Aditya Menon is a treat to watch and he gets full marks for his performance in Guna 369.

Guna 369 has been inspired by a real story. The screenplay and dialogues look decent and Guna 369 is tipped with an interesting message. The music and cinematography work looked decent and the production values have been grand enough. Arjun Jandhyala has been partly successful as a director. The editing looks decent and so are the technical aspects.


Guna 369 is a predictable mass entertainer which falls short of the expectations. Karthikeya and the other lead actors excelled in their roles.

Review & Rating :2.75/5

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