Evaru Trailer: Gripping Murder Mystery


Adivi Sesh scored a series of hits and he recently wrapped up the shoot of Evaru recently. Venkat Ramji is the director and Adivi Sesh, Regina and Naveen Chandra played the lead roles. The trailer of Evaru is out today and it is gripping and interesting to the core. The trailer is well cut and hints about the investigation of a murder mystery committed by Regina. The racy screenplay is expected to be the major highlight of Evaru.

The production values make the film look rich and the background score elevates the film well. The cinematography work is the other highlight of Evaru trailer. On the whole, Adivi Sesh has one more winner in his hands through Evaru. PVP Cinema produced the film and Evaru is hitting the screens on August 15th all over. The movie is said to be the remake of Hollywood film ‘The Invisible Guest’.

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