Drinking Beer has many Advantages: Here are some among them

drinking beer advantages

Drinking beer on regular basis has many health benefits. A survey revealed about the advantages of drinking beer. Drinking beer prevents many harmful diseases as per the conducted survey. However it has to be taken in limits. Here are some among them:


Women drinking beer couple of times in a week reduces the risk of heart attack.
Men drinking beer on regular basis will reduce the chance of stones in their kidneys.
Beer which is rich in silicon helps in the strengthening of bones.
The survey has been conducted on 27000 people who consume beer on regular basis and it revealed that many kidney infected diseases will be cured with the consumption of beer. Along with these the risk of heart stroke will be low in those who consume beer. The blood will be circulated well among these people.
Drinking beer couple of times in a day reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 25%.
Beers play a crucial role in controlling the cholesterol in the body.
Drinking beer helps in the blood circulation to the brain because of which human brain works much faster.
Consumption of beer for two-three times in a week reduces the risk of cancer related diseases.
Beer also increases the eye sight.

However drinking beer with in a limit will sure have many advantages.

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