Cosmetic Care tips in Winter


Cosmetic Care tips in Winter…Five Principles to Cosmetic Care in Winter

Skin rashes is the major problem for many people in the winter and you can say it is the enemy of so many people. To prevent some extent if we follow the following tips at home would be very happy and bright with natural beauty.

–> Grind the complete dry Basil Leaves , Green Grams  , Rose Petals   into powder. Mix with Lemon     water and apply to the body at morning and night both times before bathing. Then it prevents from skin rashes happening due to winter.

–> Wash your face, hands and neck as many times as possible with light warm water.

–> Use mixture of curd, lemon water and gram flour.

–> Use nourishing all purpose massage powder for make up.

–> Stay away from the foods which causes cold and cough and Be Happy.


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