The Real Needs of A Person in Daily Life


The Real Needs of A Person in Daily Life

–> Drink one glass of Milk or  equivalent sauce  at morning 6 AM.

–> Take 4 Idlies or equivalent at morning 8 AM.

–> Drink 1 Glass of Fruit Juice or equivalent at morning 10 AM.

–> Take 2 Cups of rice, 1 cup of dal with any kind of Leaf vegetables, 1 cup of curry, 1 cup of curd, Green vegetables at 12 AM.

–> Drink 1 cup of Tea, take snacks, or  equivalent at 4 PM.

–> Take 2 Chapatis, Cup of rice with cup of curry and rasam at 8PM. 

–> Drink 1 cup of Milk and Sleep Well at 10 PM.

Note: Stay away from outside junk foods, smoking, drinking alcohol and stay away from doctor too.

Caution: These tips are only based on normal human body.


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