Bhaagamathie 10 Days Collections

Bhaagamathie 10 Days Collections

Super talented actress Anushka is back with a bang with her next film Bhaagamathie. Directed by G Ashok, the film is said to be a horror thriller and the film received exceptional response from the audience. Bhaagamathie received decent response from the audience all over and it raked decent figures across the globe in its first week. With couple of releases this week, Bhaagamathie slowed down but the film managed to rake decent figures over the weekend. Bhaagamathie collected Rs 24.30 crores in ten days of its box-office run across the globe which is decent. Here are the ten days collections of Bhaagamathie:


Nizam: Rs 7.21 Cr

Ceeded: Rs 2.41 Cr

Vizag: Rs 2.32 Cr

Guntur: Rs 1.41 Cr

East: Rs 1.47 Cr

West: Rs 1.00 Cr

Krishna: Rs 1.28 Cr

Nellore: Rs 0.80 Cr


AP and Telangana: Rs 17.90 Cr


Rest of India: Rs 2.65 Cr

Rest of World: Rs 3.75 Cr


Total Worldwide: Rs 24.30 Cr



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