Sachin Joshi calls Bandla Ganesh a Fox

Sachiin Versus Bandla Ganesh

Sachin Joshi is one actor who never lost his confidence despite of several flops. The actor has been struggling for success and he is back with his next movie titled Veedevadu. Tatineni Satya directed this action thriller and Esha Gupta played the female lead. During his media interaction, he was asked about the issue with Bandla Ganesh and then Sachin Joshi lashed Bandla Ganesh once again calling him a cheat. He compared him to a fox and he said that even dogs are honest. Bandla Ganesh is even worst than a dog and he is no one.

Sachin said “It was during Orey Pandu, I met Ganesh who played a role in my life. I supported him in many ways as he was financially low. Then later we started producing films and he showed me a loss of Rs 27 crores. I got cheated and he even produced fake cheques, documents. When I was about to take it on Ganesh, his parents approached me crying. Now I left everything for the court and 14 cases are on. It is the court who will decide the matter. Tollywood actor NTR asked Bandla Ganesh to stay outside when I went to meet him about doing a film. This is how people treat him”.

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