RGV reacts on Tollywood Drug Mafia


Versatile director Ram Gopal Varma who is a party animal has been away from twitter from some time. With lot of allegations on Tollywood celebrities, the ace director took facebook to express his views about Tollywood and the drug mafia:

“I am very much wondering if the school children taking drugs also will be summoned by SIT and interrogated for 12 hours like they are doing to Poori jagan and Subba Raju ..just asking?

Ofcourse everyone kind of know it exists but first time everyone actually heard about this department only because they are using the film industry as a teaser trailer for people to come to know their existence.

Whatever the actual truth of the drugs matter the law in its own course might tell or not tell but for the moment Akun Sabharwal is being projected like Amarendta Bahubali by the Media ..Maybe S S Rajamouli should make Bahubali 3 with him.

Nobody is denying the integrity of Mr.Sabarwal or his department but even without any charges or conclusive proof to allow the media leaks to destroy the reputations of people apart from causing distress to their families is highly deplorable”.

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