PSV Garuda Vega 14 Days Collections


Veteran actor Rajasekhar has been struggling for success from the past few years. He indeed lost his credibility in the market too. The actor after years pinned all his hopes on PSV Garuda Vega and the movie released recently. Praveen Sattaru directed the movie and Pooja Kumar played the female lead. Rajasekhar played an NIA officer in the movie and PSV Garuda Vega collected Rs 7 crores in two weeks of its run across the globe. Here are the official collections:

Nizam: Rs 2.20 Cr

Ceeded: Rs 0.60 Cr

Vizag: Rs 0.65 Cr

Guntur: Rs 0.42 Cr

East: Rs 0.40 Cr

West: Rs 0.25 Cr

Krishna: Rs 0.40 Cr

Nellore: Rs 0.18 Cr

Telangana and AP: Rs 5.15 Cr

ROI: Rs 0.45 Cr

ROW: Rs 1.45 Cr

Worldwide Total: Rs 7 Cr


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