Overseas Deals: Makers of Spyder and Jai Lava Kusa fall Short


Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Spyder and NTR’s Jai Lava Kusa are aiming for Dasara release and the films have been carrying huge buzz. The theatrical rights of the films have been sold out across the Telugu speaking states. Considering the buzz and the holiday season, the makers of Spyder quoted Rs 21 crores for the overseas rights. With no takers knocking, the Telugu and Tamil rights for North America have been sold out for Rs 15.5 crores. The movie needs to rake 3.5 million USD to enter into safe zone.

The same happened with Jai Lava Kusa as Kalyanram Nandamuri wanted Rs 18 crores to close the overseas deal. With the film’s release nearing and left with not many offers, the film’s overseas deal has been closed for Rs 10.5 crores. The movie needs to collect 2.2 million USD for breakeven which is not that easy. We have to wait and see how well the films will perform taking the advantage of Dasara season.

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