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Young actor Karthi has been waiting for a massive hit to bounce back to success streak. His recent outing Khakee has been carrying massive expectations and is directed by H Vinoth. Rakul Preet Singh is the female lead and Ghibraan is the music composer. Dream Warrior Pictures bankrolled the movie which released all over today. Here is the complete review of the film:


Khakee is all about the life story of Dheeraj (Karthi) who is a deadly cop by profession. He gets transferred several times because of his fearless behavior and he falls in love with Priya (Rakul Preet Singh). A group of dacoits start attacking the people after which Dheeraj takes the responsibility to attack them and end up saving the people. The rest of Khakee is all about how it happens and how Dheeraj saves the people.


Khakee is all laced with loads of action and a fresh love story during the first half. The movie has a racy screenplay which is the major highlight of the film. The treatment has been completely fresh and the action episodes have been shot across never seen locales which make a massive impact. The songs have been shot well and the first half manages to keep the expectations going.

The second half of Khakee has interesting action episodes and is based mostly on the assassination of the dacoits. In this process, the film dips down at parts however it picks back soon making no damage for the film. The songs have been lively and refreshing. The climax episodes have been extremely convincing and on the whole Khakee is a decent one time watch.


Karthi strikes hard with his flawless and packed performance throughout the film. He has been extremely energetic and apt as Dheeraj in the assigned role. Rakul Preet Singh has been convincing as a sweet house wife in the film and she did her role with utmost perfection. Abhimanyu Singh tops the show with his flawless performance and is a treat to watch. All the other actors have been perfectly fit and they assigned their roles with perfection.

Khakee has an interesting plot and the screenplay, dialogues are the major highlights of Khakee. The music and the background score takes the film to the next level and the cinematography is an asset. The production values have been grand and the editing should have been much better. Director H Vinoth comes out with an interesting subject which has been handled well.

Final Word:

Khakee is an impressive action thriller which will leave you at the edge of your seats during the action episodes. Karthi nails it with his flawless performance and Rakul Preet Singh is a treat to be watched on screen.

Khakee Movie Review: 3/5

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