Khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review Rating Film Updates

khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review Rating pre-review analysis

  Khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review Rating Film Updates

News : khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review Rating  After almost a decade, Megastar Chiranjeevi comes up with a new movie Titled as ‘Khaidi no 150‘. This film directed by V.V Vinayak . Kajal Aggarwal played actress role opposite to chiranjeevi in the film. This Movie Khaidi no 150 produced by Ram Charan Teja who is son of megastar chiranjeevi. This khaidi no 150 movie comes up with a high budget which had a huge expectations all over since from beginning of the movie.

With respect to this movie Posters, Teasers, Audio songs released in you tube and social media. Consequently, with the trailers they made a crazy response to the movie was unimaginable. In addition to this, It was re-entry film for megastar chiranjeevi after 10 years. As a result The Fans all over the world eagerly waiting for this film. Also Megastar won’t disappoint with his performance. Furthermore Question is Does megastar entertains the mega fans after re-entry ? yes, to all this question we have to wait for movie release on 11th January  2017.

khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review Rating Film Updates as Follows:

Khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review Rating Film Updates
Director V.V. Vinayak
Actor Chiranjeevi,Kajal Agarwal,brahmanandam,Ali,Tarun Arora
Producer Ram Charan
Written by Paruchuri Brothers , Sai Madhav Burra, Vema Reddy(Dialogue)
Screenplay By Nithin Blaze
Story by AR Murugadoss
Music by Devi Sri Prasad
Based On Kaththi by AR Murugadoss
Cinematography R. Rathnavelu
Edited by Gowtham Raju
Production company Konidela Production Company
Distributed by Lyca Productions
Release Date 11 January 2017
Country India
Language Telugu
Rating 4/5

Story of the film :

First of all Coming to story, A private Company for its own advantage because they want to grab their lands from group of farmers in the villagers by crook. This is the basic story line. The story revolves around of the criminal  and Shankar (chiranjeevi) who is graduate in hydrology, Therefore, fights against the multi national company and struggles a lot to help the farmers to stop from land grabbing. The transformation from a criminal to a fighter for farmers going to heart of the story. while going The criminal  helps the shankar to survive his life from big accident. Therefore Criminal went to place where shankar lives and starts his plans to steal all his assets.

Criminal listens all problems of farmers and finally decided to help farmers from MNC company who wants to steal their lands and  His plans against company Shows how script plays major role. Workout and plans that have been success or not..? How he had laid plans against Corporate organizations to fight for ? What happened to Shankar at the hospital ? What is character of Kajal Aggarwal ? Runs the interesting elements of the story. Khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review Rating were in favor of this movie.

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Movie Analysis :

This Khaidi No 150 is the remake of Tamil hit movie ‘kaththi‘  is the most suitable for Tollywood. There was a good changes in the script, designed according to megastar by director Vinayak . Vinayak finished his job very confidently and cleanly.

Now coming to story, Beginning of the movie was started with twist, How hero escapes from prison is the complete new concept. This scene gives you some interesting effect to people in the theater and makes them feels good and excitement. The comedy scenes between Megastar and Ali was hilarious. The romantic scenes between Kajal Aggarwal and chiranjeevi was good.

Interval scene , Coin fight which is highlight of the movie . Sure this coin fight is plus point to this movie. The second half  makes bit interesting. How hero fights against the villain moves.How he plays Mind game was actually keep us thrilling through out the movie. The climax is mind blowing. Everyone in the theater forgets that ‘Khaidi no 150’ was a remake movie and starts enjoying the script, megastar performance and dances. credits goes to director who handles the script very carefully to get audience feels bore.

Cast performance :

Megastar Chiranjeevi does not require any special Introduction. He had a gap of ten years, same energy, performance will be the shown his talents in the movie. People will understand Question for why He was ‘megastar‘ had been proved in this film . Intensity is found in the eyes, gestures pronounced in emotional scenes, dance, action scenes. His performance marks at peaks.

As usually Kajal Aggarwal adds her glamour and performance to impress audience. Tarun Arora showed outstanding performance in this movie as a featured villain in his debut movie as negative shades. Brahmanandam , Ali, 30 years industry Prudhvi Raj were the comedy actors made Audience completely successful. The respective roles of other actors were fair good and  done well.

Technical performance :

Ratnavelu was best Cinematographer in the industry as we know. As a result,commitment and dedication Shown to be elevated to the hero and movie. Therefore He made each frame Colorful, grand demonstrate what has already proved his talent. As a result No one can forget appreciating him for his work on the movie camera.

Devi sri prasad’s hit songs Entertaining people in social media on Facebook and consequently You Tube and made  huge success with his background music. In addition Editing and art was good. Seems like Ram Charan production values were at peaks where doesn’t disappoint everyone. Ram Charan shows his father very stylish in this khaidi no. 150 movie.

In addition Director, presented this movie extraordinary, He designed the script as per Telugu audience without changing the theme of Tamil story. Also, He succeeded to managed to retain relevance of the script completely. Hence Pre-release event on 2017-01-08 done successfully and released a trailer on 2017-01-08. Therefore, Simply V.V Vinayak is back after some failures.

Finally  conclusion “khaidi no 150” message-oriented and highly entertaining commercial film and Come back movie for Megastar chiranjeevi after a 10 years. As a result The song “Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu” song already super hit from audience and maybe movie is going to be collect huge collections all over. Hence Khaidi No 150 is hoping for better success.

Finally Here Telugu Lives’s Khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review Rating was 4/5. Also Please do watch this movie theaters and share your thoughts and opinions below in comments section.

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