Indrasena Movie Review

Indrasena Movie Review

Talented Tamil actor Vijay Anthony who made a huge impact with Bichchagadu is testing his luck back with his next movie titled Indrasena in which he played a dual role. G Srinivasan directed the movie and Diana Champika played the female lead. The movie released all over in Telugu and Tamil languages today. Here is the complete review of Indrasena:


Indrasena  is the story of brothers Indrasena  and Rudrasena essayed by Vijay Anthony. Things go smooth until, Indrasena commits a murder after which he will be sentenced jail for seven complete years. During this period, Rudrasena who is innocent turns out into a small goon. The rest of the film is all about how Indrasena gets back to work and clears all the problems in his family. Watch Indrasena to know about the complete story.


Indrasena has an interesting plot and it has never been touched before. The first half of the film has been passable with decent entertainment but it dips down completely at parts. Vijay Anthony takes the lead with his performance but it is the Tamil flavour that shatters the film. The interval episodes have been convincing and on the whole the first half of Indrasena  has been decent.

The second half of Indrasena  fails to live up the expectations because of the confused and a series of sub-plots. The film turms clumsy because of the bad screenplay and predictable narration. The songs fail to make an impact and the climax looks completely simple. The most crucial second half of Indrasena  falls flat and it offers nothing interesting for the audience.


Vijay Anthony has been outstanding as Indrasena and Rudrasena in the film. He balanced both the roles with perfection and carried the entire film on his shoulders. Diana Champika has been decent in her limited screen presence and she shined in the songs. Mahima, Jewel Mary, Radharavi, Kaali Venkat and others have been extremely convincing in their assignments. All the others have been apt.

The story of Indrasena offers nothing new and it looks outdated. The screenplay is a huge drawback for the film as the second half falls flat because of the number of sub-plots. The music and the background score composed by Vijay Anthony make no impact. The cinematography looks decent and the production values have been grand. The director fails to impress the audience big time with his directorial abilities.


Indrasena is a film that can be given a huge skip as it offers nothing new and interesting. Vijay Anthony tops the show with his performance as Indrasena and Rudrasena.

Rating: 2.5 /5




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