Babu Baga Busy finally clears Censor Hurdles

Babu Baga Busy

Super talented young actor Srinivas Avasarala for the first time is all set to do an adult comedy. The actor turned director has been focussed on clean and entertaining episodes till date and he grabbed the attention of family audience big time. He ios all set to test his luck with Babu Baga Busy which has been directed by debutant Naveen Medaram. Srimukhi, Tejaswi Madivada, Mishti Chakraborthy and Supriya Aysola are the female leads in Babu Baga Busy.

The recently released trailer is a massive hit and it has been aimed for the youth. The movie has been facing issues with the censor board and it finally cleared all the hurdles after a month. Babu Baga Busy cleared all the censor formalities and it has been given A certificate after the suggested episodes have been chopped off. Abhishek Pictures bankrolled Babu Baga Busy which is all set for May 5th release.

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